About The Book

Produced In Collaboration with
the 92nd Street Y.

14 world-famous writers and creative minds have joined together in this epic collaboration — made possible through Xerox technology. Together they tell the multi-lensed, multi-faceted and ever-surprising story of the modern workplace. Click on the author pages for videos, podcasts and behind the scenes photos.

Speaking of Work is now available for download. So read it and weep. Read it and laugh. Read it and hold on to the edge of your seat. You might never see your own workplace in the same (fluorescent?) light again.


Spreading Literacy Worldwide

Incredible things can happen when you set the page free. But the power of the page starts with reading it. Project: SET THE PAGE FREE is in support of the 92nd Street Y and Worldreader.

For more than 140 years, the 92nd Street Y has put literature into the community, brought the world’s greatest writers to the stage and shared their work with readers across the globe.
Worldreader champions digital reading in underserved communities to create a world where everyone can be a reader, empowering over 500,000 children and families in 50 countries to read from its free digital library every month.